A New Leaf

I started blogging in 2004. President Bush had just been re-elected and I had thoughts, thoughts I wanted to share with people. The Grenz became the place where I did that. Over the years, I have posted pictures, described what it was like to plant a church, made the case for every candidate running for President in 2008, reviewed books, had long hiatuses, and ticked people off with some of my political and theological stands.

It’s been a fun ride.

Today, however, marks a new era in the life of the Grenz. We have migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress, including even most of the comments. We have also folded it into a new url, robbryerse.com. The goal of this new site is to help me to build a bigger platform. If the release of my book Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn’t Lose My Faith has taught me anything, it’s that I need to be intentional about telling my story. For whatever reason, my story has been resonating with people, and I think that needs to continue and to grow for now. This new site will help that.

We’ve got some cool stuff in the works that this new platform will allow.

  • A podcast in which I talk to people about their theological transformations
  • An occasional newsletter – sign up today!
  • Updated information about Fundamorphosis on its own dedicated page
  • And … my ongoing commentary on whatever I feel like blogging about

A bunch of you have read the Grenz since the beginning, for that I am amazed and grateful. I hope you enjoy the new format. And I hope the coming years will be just as interesting. 

Here we go.


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