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IMG_0593 (1)After pastoring fundamentalist churches for a decade, I was a part of a team that founded Vintage Fellowship, an wonderfully messy emergent church in Fayetteville AR, where I have the privilege to serve as Narrator and Directional Leader.

I journey through life with Vanessa, my wife of nearly two decades and our four amazing children: Matilyn, Calvin, Charleigh, and Whimsy.

I graduated from Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield PA and Summit University in Clarks Summit PA.

Because I grew up in the Cleveland suburbs, I am ridiculously passionate about the Cleveland Browns.


Top Hits on the Grenz

I started my blog, The Grenzian in 2004. The purpose of The Grenzian is to provide the interested world with my running commentary on theology, politics, culture, the Browns, U2, and whatever else interests me. The name of The Grenzian is from evangelical postmodern theologian Stanley Grenz. Grenz inspired me to see the Bible as the grace-filled story of the triune God wooing alienated people back into community. My life in this postmodern world is part of that ongoing story.

Here are my most visited blog posts from over the years:

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Robb Online

Here are links to articles and guest posts I have written:

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