Did You Miss Me?

It has been a month. I have been off my blog. Off Instagram. Off Twitter. Off Facebook. Off our podcast. For a variety of reasons, I decided that the social web wasn’t good for me. I was cranky, jaded, and in need of a break. So I took it with no real plan for how long it would last.

But I think I’m now ready to come back.

At least to some of it.

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Fundamorphosis Blog Tour – what my wife thinks

Today is maybe my favorite day in the Fundamorphosis Blog Tour. And that is because we are heading over to Happiness Is a Butterfly, my wife Vanessa’s blog.

Vanessa started blogging when we left Michigan and moved to Arkansas. The start of her blog coincides with the biggest upheaval caused by our fundamorphosis. Over the years, Vanessa’s blog has been a place of authentic and raw conversation. Sometimes she says things that make me cringe. But mostly she gets to the heart of the matter with beauty and grace. But … she hasn’t blogged much lately. I’m not sure why. I don’t think she knows either. Read More…

Fundamorphosis Blog Tour – right here, right now

The Fundamorphosis Blog Tour rolls on this week … except we’re not going anywhere right now. This installment of the blog tour happens right here with a guest post from my friend Van Latham. Van doesn’t have a blog of his own. And that is really unfortunate because Van is one of the most interesting and creative people I know. So, today, Van is borrowing my blog to post his review of Fundamorphosis. Read More…

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