Exodus and Calendars and Lent and Books


Each weekday morning, our family gathers on Vanessa’s and my bed to read the Bible and pray together. Since we are studying Exodus at Vintage this year, we decided to read it as a family in the mornings. On Tuesday, Calvin read Exodus 12 for us. And verse 2 captured my imagination. In it God is talking to Moses and Aaron. God says,

This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.



There are many calendars in our world. By “calendars” I don’t mean the paper or electronic devices on which we record our appointments. I mean ways of dividing our days, the seasons by which order our lives.   Read More…

Formative: Telling the Truth by Frederick Buechner

When we lived in Michigan, I started a group called the Pastors Theology Roundtable. Every other month, several of us pastors from around the state would get together to talk theology. Often, one of us would present a paper about some off-the-wall theological idea we had – and the others would shoot holes in it. For a bunch of theology nerds, it was great fun.

One month, we read a book together, Frederick Buechner’s Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Comedy, Tragedy, and Fairy Tale. It’s a short book about preaching. Something about it captured my imagination, maybe because it was so very different from every other book about preaching that I had ever read … I just don’t think I understood it at the time. But I loved it nonetheless.   Read More…

Formative: Malcolm Gladwell

When I first began to learn about how our culture was shifting/had shifted from modernity to postmodernity, I became very intrigued with the idea that narrative was replacing proposition as the means by which information and truth was transferred.

The fundamentalism in which I grew up, especially in Bible college, loved proposition. We were taught that the Bible is propositional truth and that God revealed himself (and it was always “himself”) through propositional statements. Any stories in the Bible simply served as a vehicle for propositional statements about God.  Read More…

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