Dreaming of a New Kind of Evangelism

This is Evangelism Week on my blog. Each day, sometimes more than once per day, I’m going to be posting thoughts and ideas related to how to be a Christian in a multi faith world. Like just about every other thing I believe, my thoughts about evangelism have evolved pretty significantly in recent years. I don’t purport to have all the answers. And I don’t promise to provide them this week. Instead, I’m going to let you in on the conversations I’ve been having about evangelism – with other people and in my own head.

And, I’d love for you to be a part of the conversation. I’m going to be responding to questions on Saturday. If you’d like to ask something you want me to cover, use the comments section or email me at robb (at) vintagefellowship (dot) org. Also, if you’d like to guest post, sharing one of your evangelism war stories, shoot me an email.   Read More…

Blog Announcement: Next Week Is Evangelism Week!

There has been a confluence of events and ideas in my life lately that are reshaping me. A conversation with Vanessa. An experimental collective at Vintage. A book. I’ve learned to pay attention when the same theme or idea comes up in my life again and again. That normally is a sign that God is doing something transformative. This kind of confluence is usually a big deal.

It seems that lately I have had opportunity to rethink the idea of evangelism.

The fundamentalism in which I grew up sent a lot of mixed messages about evangelism. On the one hand, it was a necessary duty of all Christians, maybe even the most important duty because of the eternal stakes involved. And yet, it was the hardest thing to get people involved in. Our fundamentalist leaders didn’t take this as an opportunity to rethink evangelism. Instead, they piled on the guilt. Guilt is an unsustainable motivator. We didn’t evangelize in response to it. And that just produced more guilt. It was a vicious cycle.   Read More…

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