And Your Little Dog Too

I did a bad thing. Something I would not recommend. If one of my friends had done this, I would shake my head and laugh at his stupidity. The kind of thing that I use as a sermon illustration of foolishness. The kind of thing that makes Don Draper a clueless clod.

I got a new puppy for my family. Without really consulting my wife.


Vanessa and I are not prone to making individual decisions. We talk through everything. We operate via consensus in our marriage. We are truly egalitarian.

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Don’t Be Scared. It’s Only Halloween.

I had some weird restrictions when I was growing up. I wasn’t allowed to watch Sesame Street, for instance, because it featured monsters. In fact, I couldn’t watch many popular shows – Growing Pains (stay-at-home dad who was also a psychologist), My Two Dads (obviously about a gay couple), and Alf (you don’t want to know).

And so, as strange as it may seem, even though I grew up fundamentalist with some silly restrictions, I was always allowed to celebrate Halloween.   Read More…

The Fundamorphosis Living Room Book Tour

I’ve been pretty quiet this week here on the blog.

That’s because it’s Spring Break. Vanessa and I loaded the three kids (but not the two dogs) into our Ford Focus and got out of town. (If I can work from home, I can work from anywhere, including the passenger seat of the car while Vanessa drives.) We have been crusing around the country talking about my book Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn’t Lose My Faith.   Read More…

Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Vanessa got home very late – after midnight – on Friday night from hanging out with some of her girlfriends. By 12:30, we had started into a discussion that we had been avoiding for several days. When I use the word “discussion,” I mean “fight.” 12:30 in the morning is a terrible time to start a fight, but it was one we needed to have, and there is no time like the present, I suppose. We talked until after 3:00 am. And then we picked up again on Saturday morning when we woke up.

By the early afternoon on Saturday, we had made a breakthrough. We were able to see things from the other’s perspective. We had a bit more empathy for the other’s feelings. And we had a game plan for some things we’re going to do differently going forward.   Read More…

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