Guilty Pleasures

Confession is good for the soul, right? Let’s do some confessing. Here are some of my guilty pleasures:

– Once a year, I eat one Cadbury egg. Tonight when we are hiding the kids’ Easter baskets, I will be indulging. Yummy.

– I love those clip, recap shows. Seriously, if all that was on TV was The Soup and Best Week Ever, I would be totally ok with it. Joel McHale on The Soup is absofreaking hilarious. I even download the podcast clip of the show later in the week and watch it again.

– Speaking of watching things on my iPod … every day (sometimes more than once a day), I head to the executive bathroom at work, sit down, and play Vortex on my iPod. It is actually the part of the work day that I look most forward to.

There are more, and I will add them. Whatchyagot?

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