My Sunday Visit to a Fundamentalist Church

I am halfway through my two-month pastoral sabbatical, and people keep asking me how it is going and what I have learned. The answers I keep giving are that it is going well and that I don’t know what I have learned yet. I miss seeing my friends on Sunday mornings, but it would be inaccurate to say that I have missed all that I used to do on Sunday mornings. Maybe that will come in a few weeks. Maybe not. We shall see.

When I began the pastoral sabbatical, I decided to take July off from church altogether and to use Sundays in August to visit other churches. The purpose of these other visits is not necessarily to hunt for new ideas or to scope out the competition. Instead, I’ve simply been curious about some churches in the area. I am visiting them to  satisfy my curiosity. Since I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do so, I figured this August, during my sabbatical, would be as good a time as any.   Read More…

The Fundamorphosis Living Room Book Tour

I’ve been pretty quiet this week here on the blog.

That’s because it’s Spring Break. Vanessa and I loaded the three kids (but not the two dogs) into our Ford Focus and got out of town. (If I can work from home, I can work from anywhere, including the passenger seat of the car while Vanessa drives.) We have been crusing around the country talking about my book Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn’t Lose My Faith.   Read More…

Win a Copy of Fundamorphosis

Fundamorphosis by Robb RyerseOn Monday, April 1, I’m going to give away a free copy of my new book Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn’t Lose My Faith. All you have to do to be entered to win is sign up to receive my newsletter. You can do that right over there, in the form on the right side of my website.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to send the newsletter out often. Trust me; I won’t spam you. Every once in a while, I’ll send you a newsletter with some updates about what I’m up to – on this site and in my life.

So … sign up today and get entered to win a free copy of Fundamorphosis.


Fundamorphosis: the Podcast

My wife Vanessa and I have embarked on a new adventure. We are now podcasting. This week we launched the Fundamorphosis Podcast.

My book, Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn’t Lose My Faith is the story of my theological transformation. It tells the story about how I now believe differently than I used to. My theology takes a much different shape than it used to.

My own fundamorphosis led to a major change in our church situation. The churches and denomination I grew up in were not safe spaces for me to question, doubt, wonder, and reevaluate. In fact, I had to hide my questions for fear of being shunned or fired. This led to a terrible crisis of faith in my heart and mind.   Read More…

Episode 1: Tickle and Women and Mark, oh my

Robb and Vanessa kickoff the new Fundamorphosis podcast by talking about Phyllis Tickle and feminism, interviewing Mark Scandrette, and answering listeners’ questions.

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