Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Vanessa got home very late – after midnight – on Friday night from hanging out with some of her girlfriends. By 12:30, we had started into a discussion that we had been avoiding for several days. When I use the word “discussion,” I mean “fight.” 12:30 in the morning is a terrible time to start a fight, but it was one we needed to have, and there is no time like the present, I suppose. We talked until after 3:00 am. And then we picked up again on Saturday morning when we woke up.

By the early afternoon on Saturday, we had made a breakthrough. We were able to see things from the other’s perspective. We had a bit more empathy for the other’s feelings. And we had a game plan for some things we’re going to do differently going forward.   Read More…

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Fundamorphosis by Robb Ryerse

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Extreme Makeover: Theology Edition

When we had cable, we used to enjoy watching redecorating shows like Trading Spaces. While it was fun to watch how the designers would execute their ideas and how the homeowners would react, I was always left wondering one big question – what about the rest of the house?

Imagine that your living room gets some amazing, colorful, or wacky makeover and now it completely clashes with everything else in your home. (Like in the picture – where one designer glued straw to the wall in someone’s living room.) One room, the straw notwithstanding, has the touches of a design professional and skilled craftsman all over it, while the rest of the house is still sporting items from the Walmart clearance aisle. At least when you were decorating your house by yourself, there was some consistency to it. Now, one room is different and the rest of the rooms are, well, not.   Read More…

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