Holy Week

Holy Week: Yahweh

On this day during Holy Week, Jesus was anointed by a woman who lavished her most expensive perfume upon him. Her actions are a reminder that everything we have must be offered to our God.


Holy Week: One

On Tuesday of Holy Week, Jesus spent a lot of time teaching. During these final lessons, he was asked by a man about which is the greatest commandment. His answer – Love. “Love the higher law.”


Holy Week: Out of Control

“I’ve got big ideas. I’m out of control.” On Monday of Holy Week, Jesus flew into a fit of rage and ran the merchants from the temple. Jesus is up to something important this week, and he’s willing to appear crazy to see it through.


Holy Week: When Love Comes to Town

I am going to blog Holy Week this year with U2 videos that capture the destiny, the angst, the hope of what Jesus did for us. I’m a little late getting started, but in honor of Palm Sunday, here is When Love Comes to Town.


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