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3 Biblical Reasons Why Christians in Fayetteville Should Vote For the Uniform Civil Rights Ordinance – Even If They Believe Homosexuality Is a Sin

For the second time in as many years, Fayetteville is being torn apart by a civil rights ordinance that codifies protections for LGBTQ people. If passed, the ordinance will allow for LGBTQ people to be guaranteed the same rights and services that any Fayetteville resident enjoys without fear of discrimination. A landlord will not be able to refuse to rent to a man simply because he’s gay. A trans woman won’t be able to be fired from her job simply because of her gender identity. A lesbian couple will be able to buy a wedding cake from any bakery that serves the public. Read More…

Duck Taping Our Mouths: free speech, Phil Robertson, Jesus, and gay sex

I watch Duck Dynasty. I know that it is painfully scripted, and my kids will have no part of it, but Vanessa and I will often turn it on for a couple of silly laughs. I find Duck Dynasty amusing.

I’m also amused by the people who take Duck Dynasty way too seriously.

You know who they are. They are the ones sporting the Duck Dynasty gear they picked up at Walmart. They are the ones who post on Facebook about how members of the Robertson clan should run for President. And they are the ones freaking out about the latest controversy over Phil’s comments in GQ.   Read More…

Djesus Uncrossed & the Myth of Redemptive Violence

I’m not a huge SNL fan. I wish I was. I have wanted to be. But most of the time, I just don’t find SNL to be funny. I hate how the actors are almost always – very obviously – staring at cue cards to get their lines right. I hate how they create stupid talk show sketches as a way to showcase impressions. But most of all, I hate how SNL just isn’t funny.

That being said, I want to talk about something SNL did this weekend, regardless of whether it was funny or not.   Read More…

Formative: Conan O’Brien

I remember where I was when I first heard the name Conan O’Brien. It was one of the days that I was working in the kitchen at Baptist Bible College, of all places. David Letterman had jumped shipped to CBS, and NBC needed a replacement. An unknown comic writer got the job. I’m not quite sure why we were talking about it, but the kitchen staff at my Bible college met the news with a resounding Who?   Read More…

A Hymnal for Ordinary Time

It is Ordinary Time, the part of the church calendar that isn’t dominated by a major holiday or season. It’s just ordinary, everyday time. At Vintage, we are trying to see if we can find God in the ordinary time, in our work, the the beauty of everyday. Since most of our lives is lived not in the seasonal celebrations but in daily monotony, we would be in trouble if the presence of God couldn’t be found in the everyday.

One of the ways we are challenging ourselves to find God in the everyday is to use everyday, ordinary music in our worship gatherings. We are trying to find God on the radio. So, we’ve given up on church music and worship songs. The Vintage hymnal now includes the likes of

Led Zeppelin
The Who
Tom Petty
Peter Gabriel
The Grateful Dead
The Beatles

In fact, we’ve started a Spotify playlist called Finding God in Ordinary Music. It is now over 100 songs and 6 hours of music. It’s got everyone from U2 to Collective Soul, Johnny Cash to Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley to Meat Loaf. Yes. Meat Loaf.

Have there been songs that have been especially significant to you on your spiritual journey?
Have you been able to connect with God through everyday, ordinary music?
What songs have helped you find God on the radio?

God is all around us. God is everywhere. Here’s proof:


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