Duck Taping Our Mouths: free speech, Phil Robertson, Jesus, and gay sex

I watch Duck Dynasty. I know that it is painfully scripted, and my kids will have no part of it, but Vanessa and I will often turn it on for a couple of silly laughs. I find Duck Dynasty amusing.

I’m also amused by the people who take Duck Dynasty way too seriously.

You know who they are. They are the ones sporting the Duck Dynasty gear they picked up at Walmart. They are the ones who post on Facebook about how members of the Robertson clan should run for President. And they are the ones freaking out about the latest controversy over Phil’s comments in GQ.   Read More…

Formative: Conan O’Brien

I remember where I was when I first heard the name Conan O’Brien. It was one of the days that I was working in the kitchen at Baptist Bible College, of all places. David Letterman had jumped shipped to CBS, and NBC needed a replacement. An unknown comic writer got the job. I’m not quite sure why we were talking about it, but the kitchen staff at my Bible college met the news with a resounding Who?   Read More…

Is This the Face of the Antichrist?

Song selection so far:

Another Day in Paradise
We Can Work It Out
The Long and Winding Road
The Voice

Does the boy not know any fun, bubble gum love songs? He can sing, but I’m beginning to think that he’s got too much an agenda, like he wants all of us to get a tattoo of his name on our foreheads. Stop preaching, David, and just sing.

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