Lost Is Back

And I am really happy about it. I am looking forward to watching another season (at least a partial one, thanks striking writers) starting tonight. My big fear is that this season of Lost will go the way of other JJ Abrams series. They start so great, and then he gets distracted with his new project (Cloverfield) and the greatness ebbs away. It happened to Alias. Vanessa says it happened to Felicity (I am glad that I can’t corroborate that). And now we’re left to wonder if it will happen to Lost. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Bush Fatigue

Bush fatigue has set in for me. I will be taking this State of the Union address off. There will be no play by play commentary this year. Maybe I’ll do some inauguration play by play next year.


I am not sure I am happy about this at all. NBC is talking about spinning Dwight off of The Office to his own show. I am not opposed to the idea, but I think it is too soon. I think it would be much better to give it another season or two.

The End of Lost

The producers of Lost are negotiating an end date for the show with ABC. I love this idea. If they know when the story is going to end, they will know how to craft it. So many other shows (Alias) just wandered aimlessly, leaving many storylines dangling. I will be much more inclined to stay with Lost and to trust the storyline if I know that it is actually going somewhere.

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