Djesus Uncrossed & the Myth of Redemptive Violence

I’m not a huge SNL fan. I wish I was. I have wanted to be. But most of the time, I just don’t find SNL to be funny. I hate how the actors are almost always – very obviously – staring at cue cards to get their lines right. I hate how they create stupid talk show sketches as a way to showcase impressions. But most of all, I hate how SNL just isn’t funny.

That being said, I want to talk about something SNL did this weekend, regardless of whether it was funny or not.   Read More…

My Resolution for the Church in America

New Year’s resolutions are the grace of God. Granted, many of us make them, and we often fail miserably. And yet, with the turn of the calendar each twelve months, we are given a chance to evaluate, reconsider, and commit ourselves to act differently, to try something new, to be who we have only dreamed of being. We can choose to abandon something that has outgrown its usefulness and embrace new things that would be beneficial to us. It is the grace of God that we can become, change, develop, evolve.

This year, I’m making a New Year’s resolution for the church. From the presidential election to the Chick-Fil-A debacle, the Facebookization of American Christianity in 2012 needs to be evaluated and reconsidered. I’m thinking that we need to commit ourselves to act differently. I’m thinking there is something we need to abandon.

My 2013 New Year’s resolution for the church is that we would abandon the Remnant Mentality. Read More…

We’ve been home from our Canadian vacation for 12 days, and I am already thinking about when we can go back. That’s not a good sign, is it?

When we headed out for vacation, I was pretty burned out. It had been a while since I had taken a good, long pause from life. As Bono might say, I wasn’t broke, but you could see the cracks. It had been quite a very: a very stressful job change, a very stressful leadership shake-up at Vintage, some high profile visitors to Vintage, adjusting to working from home, and writing a book. Plus a whole lot of other stuff.

This summer, I was really feeling tapped out. Things that normally don’t bother were really getting to me.

So, when Vanessa and I crossed the border into Canada, it was like I was heading into a

Your Kingdom, My Neighborhood

In our Experimental Collective group yesterday, we took 10 minutes and wrote poetic prayers about our longing to see God’s kingdom realized in our neighborhoods. You would think that 10 minutes wouldn’t be enough time to write something meaningful. But it is. As people around the circle read their poems to the group, it was a vulnerable, affirming, moving experience. I hope everyone in the group will put their poem out there for others to read. But since I’m the kind of leader who won’t ask others to do something that I am unwilling to do myself, here’s the poem I wrote.

Your kingdom come
Your will be done
Where do I go?
What do I do?

Fingerprints left all over town
On doorknobs and shopping carts
On dollar bills and steering wheels
My fingerprints are on my keyboard
And on the screen of my phone
Your fingerprints are everywhere

Unique, each telling a story
Genetics and DNA and family backgrounds and places and experiences
All conspiring together to make you who you are
And I don’t know you

What brings you joy?
What keeps you up at night?
What do you want to do with your life?
What does your future hold?

There is much that I can learn
There is much that I can do
What is holding me back?
What is keeping me inside?
Why is my head down, my mouth closed, my ears ringing?

Your kingdom come
Your will be done
Where do I go?
What do I do?


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