On the Ordination of My Wife

I first met Vanessa in October of 1993. A mutual friend introduced us, and I knew immediately that she was someone I had to know more. I asked her out on our first date the very next day.

We’ve been together – more or less – ever since. Read More…

And Your Little Dog Too

I did a bad thing. Something I would not recommend. If one of my friends had done this, I would shake my head and laugh at his stupidity. The kind of thing that I use as a sermon illustration of foolishness. The kind of thing that makes Don Draper a clueless clod.

I got a new puppy for my family. Without really consulting my wife.


Vanessa and I are not prone to making individual decisions. We talk through everything. We operate via consensus in our marriage. We are truly egalitarian.

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$#!+ My Therapist Says

Trigger warning: this post contains words that some people may find offensive or inappropriate.


Several weeks ago, Vanessa and I started seeing a therapist. We are not in couples counseling. We are a couple in counseling. Sometimes we talk about our marriage. Often we talk about our anxieties. We talk about our growing up years. We talk about things like work and what we did over the past week.   Read More…

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