Too Hot for the News

In February, we will be doing a series at Vintage called Turned On, the naked truth about sex, god, and you. It is going to be an authentic and frank look at what God has to say about sexuality. We are going to be delving into important and relevant issues like sexual identity and image. We are going to talk about how to discipline our desires so that our sexuality is expressed appropriately, that is in accordance with God’s design for us as sexual beings.

The focus of of our advertising for this series is a website, We did not invent this idea, but we are still very excited about using this tool to get the word out to people that a church in our area is going to be doing something different in February.

Among other things, we are seeking to advertise in local papers. One of them, the NWA Times, required us to revise our ads to make them acceptable. We took that as confirmation that our edgy approach was right on the edge, right where we wanted to be.

However, the other local paper company, the Morning News, is refusing to run any of our ads in any of their papers. They have given us amazingly little explanation, even though we’ve asked for it by email and phone. They simply have said that our ads are “a little seductive” and that “we choose not to run these ads in any of our publications.” Literally, that’s the explanation we have gotten. Besides being disappointed that we won’t be able to get the word out about Turned On to readers of the Morning News, I am infuriated because one of their publications, the Fayetteville Free Weekly, this week ran a full page ad of a bikini-clad woman – for a strip club!

So … grenzian friends, tell me, are these ads too hot for the news?

I Feel Like a Wus

We cancelled church today. The weather reports have been advertising a “crippling ice storm.” First it was going to be Friday night into Saturday. And then Saturday night into Sunday. And now Sunday night into Monday. It’s cold, but not freezing. It’s raining, but not freezing rain.

Basically, we cancelled church over the threat of rain.

Attendance would have been low because of the weather anyway, but still. Rain.

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