$#!+ My Therapist Says

Trigger warning: this post contains words that some people may find offensive or inappropriate.


Several weeks ago, Vanessa and I started seeing a therapist. We are not in couples counseling. We are a couple in counseling. Sometimes we talk about our marriage. Often we talk about our anxieties. We talk about our growing up years. We talk about things like work and what we did over the past week.   Read More…

I’m Taking the Summer Off: My Pastoral Sabbatical

A few months ago, I shared with the Vintage Oversight Team how tired and worn-out I have been. The combination of my day job and my work with Vintage, not to mention being a husband, dad, and writer, has left me raw and ragged. I shared with the team that I really wanted to take a pastoral sabbatical, but that they would have to figure it out for me, because I didn’t have the energy to make it happen.   Read More…

The Church Is Not a Building

The church is the people, not the building.

I said these words to some friends last night, and I almost choked on them. It’s such a cliche, such trite Christianese. Which is not to say that this statement is not true. It’s just kind of tired.   Read More…

Vintage Fellowship Is On the Move

I received a phone call on Friday from the realtor that represents the landlord of the building that our church, Vintage Fellowship, meets in. He told me that the parole office next door to us needs to expand – a somewhat disconcerting thought. And, their expansion means that we are losing our meeting space – an even more disconcerting thought.

We have 30 days to move out. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “What about your lease?” Well, that’s a good question. We have known for a while that we need a new meeting place. Our Oversight Team spent a long time looking a year ago. When our lease was up in September, we decided to go with a six month lease in hopes of finding a new meeting place soon. We didn’t. And when the lease was up, our landlord didn’t ask us to renew, and it didn’t show up on our radar to renew it. So, for a while now, we’ve been month-to-month. That’s why our landlord only has to give us 30 days notice.   Read More…

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