The Curse of Week 2

Nobody told me about the Curse of Week 2.

A couple of weeks ago my son, Calvin, and I started a new Experimental Collective at Vintage. This go-around is on the theme of freedom, and we are focusing on practical ways to experience greater freedom by taking head-on some of the stuff that has been bogging us down. Our collective is specifically focusing on healthy lifestyle choices – diet, exercise, etc.

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I Need a Little Easter Right This Very Minute

The commercialization of everything.

The busyness of it all.

The nagging sensation that there must be more than Cadbury Eggs and bunnies and new clothes.

I am completely on board with everyone’s complaints and critiques of the Easter holiday. It has gotten to be so much like Christmas. The power of the story that we are celebrating gets lost on us because we haven’t been in a frame of mind to recognize it and receive it.

But instead of just complaining about this phenomenon, blaming the “liberal media” or whomever Facebook Christianity is pointing the finger at these days, in our church community, we try to do something about it. And so, each year at Vintage, we attempt to enter into the story of Jesus and re-live it. We attempt to walk with Jesus and his disciples through the final days of his life.   Read More…

The Evangelism Project

This round of Experimental Collectives at Vintage Fellowship have been focusing on the idea of purpose. The way of Jesus invites us to realize that there is a much bigger world out there than we are used to seeing. So many of us spend all of our focus and energy on ourselves – what we are doing, what we want, what our needs are. Jesus modeled a much different life, a life that focused on the presence and perspective of others. As long as we live life selfishly, we’ll never find our purpose for living.

To get a better understanding of the other people around me and in my area, I joined the Evangelism Project collective. As a group, we visited gatherings at four other faith communities. We went to a Torah study at a Jewish synagogue, a vespers service at an Orthodox church, a Hindu temple, and a Muslim mosque (links below). The name “Evangelism Project” was tongue-in-cheek. We did not go to convert, argue, or protest. We went to watch and listen, to understand.   Read More…

In Praise of Preaching

In the 2000 years of church history, the statement I am about to make is remarkably benign. Precious few have challenged it or thought to believe otherwise. However, in recent years, much in the life of the church has changed. In large part, I am supportive of many of these changes. I love entrepreneurial, creative approaches to ministry. I am not a chronological snob, wistful to return to some fairy-tale golden age of ecclesiology. And yet … because of the changes that have taken place in the church, what I am about to say sounds decisively old fashioned.

I still believe in preaching.

Many of my friends – good, dear friends that I love deeply – have moved toward an approach to Christian faith that has been called post-congregational. In myriad ways, this is a healthy movement, as many are rediscovering a distinctively non-corporate approach to being a faith community. Church is not buildings. Church is not programs. Church is not contained by what happens on Sunday mornings. Church is people, following Jesus on a journey of learning to love God and others.   Read More…

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