I’ve Finally Got a Job

So today, the suspense finally ended – with not one but two job offers.

My day started with an email from IT with the subject line “I’d Like to Talk to You When You Have a Minute …” :gulp: This talk was not about me checking my email at work. It was about a technical customer support position that was available. Interesting, but some red flags. When I said I would think about it, I really meant, “No thanks.”

I came back to my desk to find another email, scheduling a meeting with me, the president of the company and one of the vp’s. It was set for 11. When I went, I got waved off for 5 minutes because another meeting was going long. I went back 25 minutes later, only to have the meeting rescheduled for 1. Fitting.

I came out of the 1 o’clock meeting with a job – doing research and business development for Budgetext’s K-12 market. My initial project is looking into offering some specialty catalogs that cater to schools using Accelerated Reading and Reading Is Fundamental programs. I will also be researching the feasibility of sending out our books with MARC labels for libraries that use them. There will be more projects to come, but this will keep me busy for a while.

Busy. Wow. I haven’t experienced that at work for a while. I am kind of looking forward to it.

You’re Fired

So I had to fire someone yesterday. And it got me thinking about my leadership style. For a while, I was feeling pretty responsible – if I had just stayed on her about these issues, she would have been ok. But ultimately, I realized that this is just simply not how I lead. I tend to give people expectations – this is clearly what I want from you, this is what your job is and how it needs to be done. And then I leave them alone to do it. I do not babysit people. I suppose there is a time and place for very hands-on leadership style, but it is just not me. And so, back in January, I had a conversation with this girl about her actions – not clocking out when she was leaving for lunch – and I told her she needed to not do that. I didn’t think about it again because she is an adult and I figured she would do the right thing. But she didn’t. And so yesterday, she was reaped the consequences of her actions. It was a bummer, but ultimately, I think it is a good thing for the rest of my team, seeing someone not be rewarded for wrong actions can be pretty powerful.

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