Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Vanessa got home very late – after midnight – on Friday night from hanging out with some of her girlfriends. By 12:30, we had started into a discussion that we had been avoiding for several days. When I use the word “discussion,” I mean “fight.” 12:30 in the morning is a terrible time to start a fight, but it was one we needed to have, and there is no time like the present, I suppose. We talked until after 3:00 am. And then we picked up again on Saturday morning when we woke up.

By the early afternoon on Saturday, we had made a breakthrough. We were able to see things from the other’s perspective. We had a bit more empathy for the other’s feelings. And we had a game plan for some things we’re going to do differently going forward.   Read More…

A New Leaf

I started blogging in 2004. President Bush had just been re-elected and I had thoughts, thoughts I wanted to share with people. The Grenz became the place where I did that. Over the years, I have posted pictures, described what it was like to plant a church, made the case for every candidate running for President in 2008, reviewed books, had long hiatuses, and ticked people off with some of my political and theological stands.

It’s been a fun ride. Read More…

A Bit Self-Indulgent: Fundamorphosis At One Month

It is a surreal thing to write, rewrite, publish, and market a book. The last month has been one of the most exhilarating and interesting times of my life. So many people have said so many kind things. I wanted to take a minute today and capture some of them for prosperity’s sake.

I realize this may be a bit self-indulgent. But I’m willing to risk it.

Many people have told me that they have read Fundamorphosis in one sitting. That amuses me. Vanessa thinks that because I tend to be kind of private about my feelings, a lot of people who know me are reading my book in hopes of getting a better window into what makes me tick. For a private guy, that’s kind of scary to me. For whatever reason, it’s been so fun to hear of people who haven’t been able to put Fundamorphosis down. Read More…

I Did Not Write Fundamorphosis To …

I’ve written several times about why I wrote Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn’t Lose My Faith (herehere, and here). I’ve talked about some of the process and what I hoped to accomplish by telling my story. Today I thought I’d flip the coin and talk about some of the things I didn’t write Fundamorphosis to accomplish.

These things were not my goal: Read More…


I’ve been thinking about the past couple of weeks, and only one word is coming to mind – whirlwind.

Let’s recap what we’ve been up to:

  • I published a book. That’s kind of a big deal, right?
  • Vanessa and I took up all the tile in our kitchen. Well, mostly Vanessa because she’s just that awesome.
  • I did several media appearances. Though I haven’t been invited to be on The View yet. Read More…
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