I am doing some writing right now about mysteries, and I curious what all of you find most mysterious in life. What are the dark mysteries that scare you? What are the mysteries that inspire you? What would you say are the most mysterious parts of our human existence? What other general thoughts do you have about the presence of mystery as a part of our journeys? I’d love your insight.

I’m a Doubter

Today, I was able to finish my article about the role of doubt in my spiritual journey. It’s a reflection on the simple prayer of Mark 9, “I believe. Help me overcome my unbelief.” I am pretty happy about how it came out. A few weeks ago, I queried Discipleship Journal about the article. They are interested in reading it on speculation. I will be emailing it to them on Monday morning. And on to other things. I think a day off really helped to clear my head!

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