• Hi, Robb: Please e-mail me; suffering from what at a church did to me (never heard a story like this from anyone!)….eight years ago, voted out of membership, with my name up on a big screen, (3 times on my birthday), which stated: “Conduct Unbecoming a Child of God.” Because I got divorced after 31 years of abuse (and then let the x live in my house for awhile afterwards. I am a Freshman in college at age 66, because of what I wrote about my life and won a scholalrship. This spiritual abuse wound is one which will never heal.

    Thank you! Alice (over comer and wouned healer)

  • Paula

    Hi Robb, I’m pleased that you are running. I can’t help wondering why you are a Republican? I have posed a question to Republicans that I meet and no one has come up with an answer, maybe you will. Given that the median income for a small family in the US is about $54K, in the past 35 to 40 years can you think of any proposal from Republicans that help we-the-people?