Did You Know?

ESPN used to have a segment on Sportscenter called Did You Know? in which they would regale us with obscure statistics. I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable sports fan, but yesterday I learned two things I did not know before. And, frankly, they shocked me.

Did you know that professional football players do not wear cups? I heard Mark Shlareth, Stink, on Mike & Mike say that during his career, he never saw anyone wear a cup. That is shocking!

Did you know that Nascars do not have gas gauges? I heard a driver on Jim Rome talking about how they have to calculate MPGs and hope they run out of gas. That is shocking!


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  • Adian Beltre of the Seattle Mariners was recently put on the DL after getting hit there while not wearing a cup. i can’t imagine baseball players playing without a cup either, but some of them do apparently. i’ve got to think that catchers at least wear one.
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