Fundamorphosis Blog Tour – an invitation to move forward

The Fundamorphosis Blog Tour today goes to Hopeful Leigh, a delightful blog by Leigh Kramer. Leigh blogs about faith and life and church with clarity and honestly. I was really happy when she agreed to review Fundamorphosis.

Here’s a snapshot of her review:

Ryerse becomes the square peg to fundamentalism’s round hole and neither the twain shall meet. As Ryerse’s story unfolds, we see how this gap affected his spirit and why it ultimately led to him leaving fundamentalism. It did not come without cost. Fundamentalism goes beyond church attendance: it impacts work, friends, family, and every facet of life. While there was much to gain in leaving, he also had much to lose.

With each chapter, we see Ryerse’s pastoral side emerge. He’s not telling us his story to bash fundamentalism or challenge Christianity but to open room for dialogue, speak grace to hurting hearts, and invite us to partake in a living, breathing theology. That last bit is what I most appreciated about the book.

Read the whole review here.


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