Fundamorphosis Blog Tour – what my wife thinks

Today is maybe my favorite day in the Fundamorphosis Blog Tour. And that is because we are heading over to Happiness Is a Butterfly, my wife Vanessa’s blog.

Vanessa started blogging when we left Michigan and moved to Arkansas. The start of her blog coincides with the biggest upheaval caused by our fundamorphosis. Over the years, Vanessa’s blog has been a place of authentic and raw conversation. Sometimes she says things that make me cringe. But mostly she gets to the heart of the matter with beauty and grace. But … she hasn’t blogged much lately. I’m not sure why. I don’t think she knows either.

fundamorphosis blog tour vanessa ryerse

And that’s why today is special – because Vanessa has come out of her blogging semi-retirement to share some thoughts about Fundamorphosis.

She has a perspective of my theological transformation like no one else. But she hasn’t just been a passive observer. She’s been my partner in crime. We decided to move together in this journey, and we have stayed together. I can imagine having no better partner than Vanessa to go through life with.

Here’s a snippet of what she wrote about Fundamorphosis:

I want you to know that Robb is not trying to change your mind. Fundamorphosis is not an appeal to be just like us. It is a story, an explanation, of what it is like to be here.

Read the rest of Vanessa’s review of Fundamorphosis here.

And, in case you missed it yesterday, Alise Wright included Fundamorphosis on her list of must-reads for your e-reader. Check out her blog post here.


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