Fundamorphosis: the Podcast

My wife Vanessa and I have embarked on a new adventure. We are now podcasting. This week we launched the Fundamorphosis Podcast.

My book, Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn’t Lose My Faith is the story of my theological transformation. It tells the story about how I now believe differently than I used to. My theology takes a much different shape than it used to.

My own fundamorphosis led to a major change in our church situation. The churches and denomination I grew up in were not safe spaces for me to question, doubt, wonder, and reevaluate. In fact, I had to hide my questions for fear of being shunned or fired. This led to a terrible crisis of faith in my heart and mind.  


When we started Vintage Fellowship, we were committed (and still are) to providing a safe space in which people can be authentic – real about what they do or don’t believe, real about their questions and struggles, real about their theological explorations.

But Vintage, being located in a particular time and space, can’t be a community for everyone or anyone. Vanessa and I have wanted to replicate the community of safety elsewhere. We’ve wanted to carve out a safe space for people in any place and at any time can feel encouraged in their theological exploration.

That is how the Fundamorphosis Podcast was born.

It’s a place where grace happens, where questions get asked, where people can realize that they are not alone.

On a somewhat weekly basis, Vanessa and I are going to be podcasting.

  • We’ll take some time to talk about what is on our mind – theology, church, parenting, pop culture, sports, television, whatever.
  • We’ll also take time each week to interview someone who has gone through some kind of fundamorphosis of their own. We want our listeners to know that they are not the only ones to ever wonder, doubt, and change. We’ve got some great guests already queued up!
  • And, each week, we’ll answer people’s questions. You can ask your questions via email (fundamorphosis @ gmail dot com) or by tweeting at us @fundamorphosis or by joining the Fundamorphosis community on Facebook.

Yesterday, we posted the first episode of the Fundamorphosis Podcast: Tickle and Women and Mark, oh my. We spent some time talking about Phyllis Tickle and the feminist reaction to her comments at Emergence Christianity 2013. We also interviewed our friend Mark Scandrette. We ended by answering some of your questions.

The audio isn’t perfect, but we’re working on improving that. And the podcast still isn’t showing up in the iTunes store, but if you subscribe to the podcast, it will download for you. Weird. We’ll get the hang of the technical parts eventually. We don’t know how long we’ll keep doing it for, but right now, we’re planning on at least 6-8 weeks. If we like and you like it, we’re likely to keep going.

Our hope is that you’ll be mildly entertained, occasionally challenged, and always encouraged to keep asking, seeking, knocking.

Here’s the feed to the Fundamorphosis Podcast. You can listen directly or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here.

Thanks for being on this journey with us. It’s going to be fun.


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