• Great strategy! So much for thumbing one’s nose at the long standing tradition of campaigning in Iowa and NH. I was hoping it would pan out, if for no other reason than it would perhaps quell the circus it has become.

    So, like I asked you once before to a deafening silence, who would you vote for if Rudy wasn’t in the race?

  • Who will I support now? Huh. That all depends.

    I cannot foresee any circumstance in which I vote for either McCain or Huckabee. I can make a case for either Romney or Clinton in my head. I can see myself voting for Obama in certain cases. I highly doubt I would support Bloomberg as an independent, but I would be inclined to support an independent run by someone like Newt. I don’t know.

    Can I vote for Reagan?

  • He’s dead.

  • Josh Powers

    I’d like to see a case made for Romney and more particularly Clinton. Some of us would like to see a fair case made from someone who understands our issues; I think you could do that.

  • I can’t believe what I’m reading…

  • Josh, I will take you challenge and make a case that is sensible to me for each of the remaining candidates.

  • Anonymous

    I think if you go back and read your early comments…months ago, ridicule seems much more appropriate.

  • I’m with Josh; I’d like to hear your opinions on Romney and Clinton, too. I whole-heartedly agree on McCain for sure. The rest is all the same for me.

  • I’m sorry, Robb–you have my condolences. Despite your eloquent argument on his behalf, Giuliani wasn’t really my first choice (my first choice shall remain nameless–suffice to say I knew throughout his brief campaign that his chances were comparable to a snowball’s chances in fiery perdition), but I easily accorded Rudy the status of “lesser evil” and wouldn’t had much of a problem voting for him at all.

    It’s like I said before: just because somebody has all the qualifications and experience to make him a logical choice for the job doesn’t mean that the people will vote for him. Ever sheep-like and filled with prejudices of varying degrees of reasonableness, people tend to vote on perceived qualities that have little to do with with a candidate’s actual suitability as a leader.

    In fact, I would say close to a majority don’t vote rationally at all. I read an article a while back that suggested that Giuliani could be weeded out based soley on the fact that he didn’t have a good head of hair (indeed, by this reasoning McCain might have outlasted Giuliani simply because he is “better looking”).

    Why the reluctance to support McCain? I understand that if/when Giuliani drops out, he’s expected to put his support behind McCain.

    Myself, I will probably vote in the presidential election for whomever the Republican candidate is UNLESS it is Huckabee (or, as it turns out, Ron Paul–although I figure his chance of winning the primary is nil) in which case I will vote for the Democratic candidate.

    Long story short: I REALLY didn’t like Huckabee’s smoking ban (I just don’t believe the State should be telling private establishments what LEGAL (the key word here is “legal”–like it or not, smoking tobacco is still legal in this country) activities they should permit on what is supposedly their personal property) and correspondingly believe that he is a full-blown Statist/devil.

    As Dr. Samuel Johnson said, “Be not too hasty to trust or admire the teachers of morality; they discourse like angels but they live like men.”

    Also, I figure when given the choice between what are essentially two Democrats (regardless of what he claims he is, Huckabee is a Southern Democrat), I believe one should vote for the Democrat who has the decency to admit it. Why, for the love of all that’s holy, the people in this country keep wanting to vote for losers from a bannana republic like Arkansas (hey–Huckabee said so himself while governor) continues to elude me.

    Besides it’s like you have also said: it’s not about who we vote for; it’s about living our lives for Jesus (I still want a “Jesus in ’08” bumper sticker! ;-)).

    All that said, I may just write in great Cthulhu for President because I like his campaign slogans. 😉 “The stars are right–vote Elder Horror Party.” “Why settle for the LESSER evil?” “No more years.” “Great Cthulhu promises to end poverty, hunger, warfare, and inequality…largely by destroying everything and consuming everyone.”

    It’s going to continue to be a long tedious election…

  • Bring the ridicule if you must. I can take it.

  • Baptist Pastor from Cleveland

    Guillini had no business running as a republican. Pro-abortion, gay marriage, and gun control have no place in the conservative party. McCain is nothing more than Kennedy’s sock puppet but will get the nod because the media loves him. The rest of the rep cands are for big government just like the dems. Mark my workds November’s election will be McCain and Clinton. Hmmm I wonder if this blog site will endorse Mrs. Clinton? As for Guilliani I told you so…..

  • A

    I’m just going to go on record here and now in writing. Obama will be the next President of these United States. Not saying that’s what I want, just saying that’s what’s going to happen.

    I’m still shocked no one touched your bush fatigue post after my comment . . . hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Oh boy more predictions from the political prognosticators. I’m thinking that the gift of discernment is not at the top of anyones list writing on this blog?

  • A

    What does discernment have to do with me saying who I think is going to win this whole debacle? If you read carefully, you’d see that I qualified the statement by saying it isn’t necessarily what I want, but what I think is going to happen. I’ve just got a gut feeling.

    Goodness, gracious some of you take yourselves way too seriously.

    I guess if some people had the gift of discernment they wouldn’t read nor post on “such a blog as this.”

  • To a:

    Spot on.