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    Are you serious? I loved it!! You’re kidding, right?!

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    I was so let down by this show, I had my nostalgia all ready and it was such a let down. Holy bad acting batman!

  • Well, shoot, how good could it be? It’ doesn’t have “The Hoff” driving Kit. 😉

  • A, I gotta tell you – I am not sure I have seen a more cheesy, badly-acted, predictable-written TV show in my life. I dvr-ed it, and couldn’t finish after 45 minutes or so. Truly brutal.

  • Ok, first of all, like the first one was “well-acted”?? We’re talking David Hasselhoff here, in his debut role no less. Maybe it is cause I am a Mustang lover, I found it pretty cool. I thought the new ‘Mike’ bore a scary resemblance to the Hoff in his day. The one caveat I would put forth is that I didn’t watch it minute by minute start to finish. I was flipping back and forth between that and something else on another channel, so maybe some of the poor acting and cheese was lost on me.

  • http://www.roblouisell.com

    That is my former co-worker, who helped with the parts for this show.
    He retro fits vehicles to turn into KITT.
    He’s got some VERY cool vid’s on his site.
    He used to be a Parole/Probation Agent with me in Isabella county.
    WAYYY cool place.