It’s the Most Optimistic Week of the Year

I love the week between Christmas and New Years. It is the most optimistic week of the year. Everyone is blissed out on Christmas joy, playing with their new toys, wearing their new clothes, spending their new gift cards. Many of us are off work completely while those who do have to go to work often have a much more relaxed atmosphere in the office. Everyone is just a little bit more chilled out this week.

the most optimistic week of the year

It’s also a week to look to the future, to think about the new year. News organizations and websites publish their retrospectives of the past year, and we look back fondly, but mostly, we’re thinking ahead. We are considering New Year’s resolutions or ways things can be different. There is a lot of hope in the air, creative energy about what could be.

I know I’m painting a very general and very rosy picture here. But this is how I feel this year during the week between Christmas and New Years. Last year, this week sucked. A couple of days before Christmas last year, Vanessa and I became embroiled in a difficult, bitter situation that tainted just about everything between Christmas and New Years. We got away to Pennsylvania for the week and took a Facebook sabbath while we were there, but there was no escaping the anxiety and dread about the situation that was waiting for us back home. We dealt with it and got through it. It will make our own 2012 retrospective.

But this year, nothing like that is hanging over us. And so I’m embracing the joy and optimism of a relaxed week at home with my family in which I don’t have to work … or get dressed … or shower if I don’t want to. All I have to do this week is hang out and dream about what’s upcoming in 2013.

Here’s what I’ve got on my mind.

– Fundamorphosis Podcast: I’m going to be starting a podcast in which I talk to people about their theological transformations. I want to create a safe space in which a community can develop where theological exploration is encouraged rather than stifled.

– The Living Room Tour: I’ve been doing some research on successful DIY book tour ideas. We’ve been captivated by one idea – to do a book tour in the living rooms of your friends. They invite 10-20 of their friends over, and the author does a reading and has a time of questions and responses. We are excited about putting this together, both here in Northwest Arkansas and then taking it on the road for Spring Break.

– Preaching at Vintage: Over the last couple of years at Vintage, we have finished major sermon series through Genesis and Romans. Now, on the brink of a new year, we’ve got new biblical vistas before us. I’m planning on us doing a series in Exodus as a sequel to Genesis. I’m also thinking of doing a companion series in John to highlight the tabernacle imagery there. I love this kind of thing.

So, this week, this most optimistic of weeks, I’m going to be relaxing and thinking about these three things.

What’s on your mind this week? What are your dreaming about?


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