A Meditation: Peaceful Coexistence

I was reading this morning in the early chapters of Judges, and I was amazed anew at the mistakes made by the Tribes as they “conquered” the Promised Land. They, in fact, did not conquer it. Judges 1 describes how tribe after tribe headed into battle with great gusto, only to face obstacles or resistance or fatigue. One by one, they slowly stopped fighting and began coexist with their enemy. Rather than vanquishing those who opposed God, they made peace with them, occupying the same cities and even, sometimes, intermarrying with them. This was a tragic mistake. In the beginning of chapter 2, the Angel of the LORD comes to them and tells them that he will no longer go before them in battle, delivering them, because of their disobedience and efforts at “peaceful coexistence.” And the rest of the book of Judges is the story of the result – continual pain and hardship.

Now, I wonder about me. How often do I get discouraged and quit before the job is done? How often do I try to make peace with those flaws in me that I need to overcome? How often does the first sign of resistance send me into retreat? I fear that it is far too often. If I am going to be the man God wants me to be, I cannot peacefully coexist with the sin in me.

But what gives me the strength to fight on? It is the promise of God’s presence found in his Word. Or, in another word, grace. By the grace of God, I soldier on when I am tired. By the grace of God, I cling to his promises to me. By the grace of God, I keep my promises to him. If I am going to peacefully coexist with anything or anyone, I would rather it be with God than with those things that oppose him.

Senator Specter Should Chair the Judiciary Committee

I am about to break ranks with the “moral values” voters and the folks at National Review, whom I love so much.

I have come to conclude that Arlen Specter should not be blocked from serving as the chairman of the judiciary committee. Here are the facts: He is pro-choice. This is unfortunate. He has repeatedly said that he will not block pro-life nominees. This has been both his track record and his current pledge.

Now, he is working hard to preserve his chance to hold the chairmanship. If he goes back on his word that he has given so publicly, it is political suicide. I tend to agree with his assessment that he, as a pro-choice Republican, will be better able to shepherd the Presidents nominees through the process than a polarizing pro-life chairman.

Arlen, you look a lot like Kosmo Kramer, and I doubt I would ever vote for you, but I’m on your side on this one. Don’t let us down.

OpinionJournal – Featured Article

Have You Noticed Gas Prices?

One of the grenades lobbed at President Bush during the campaign was that he had a secret deal with the Saudi royal family to keep gas prices low, insuring his reelection. Bob Woodward said it. Micheal Moore said it. Even John Kerry said it. But did it happen? No. Gas prices stayed high throughout the election cycle. Would the Saudis and OPEC have a reason to try to hurt the President with high gas prices? Absolutely – the Bush Doctrine. President Bush has advanced a belief that freedom and democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan will lead to more freedom and democracy throughout the Middle East. Who has reason to oppose such a growth of liberty? Those who currently have the power in the Middle East, namely the Saudi royal family and other OPEC leaders. Now that their plan to hurt the President has failed, gas prices are falling to their normal level.


Wow I Hate the Steelers

The fact that the Steelers are the hottest team in football is driving me nuts. In the last two weeks, they have knocked off the top two teams in the league – the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. What is not to hate? Endless puns on QB Ben Rothlesberger’s name? Hate it. The fact that 400 year old Jerome Bettis is still chugging along? Hate it. Bill Cowher’s chin? Hate it. The arrogant, celebrate-when-you’ve-injured-a-player defense? Hate it. I am projected down the road quite a bit here, but I can say that I almost would rather have had Kerry win the presidency than the Steelers win the Super Bowl. Hate it.

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