Election Analysis 4: The Cabinet

This is probably the final installment in my election analysis, but with all the talk of who will fill out the President’s cabinet in the new term, I thought I would share some of my thoughts and hopes.

Attorney General: Rudy Guiliani — Rudy began as an assistant AG under Reagan. Coming back to this office does two things: first, it turns a super-controversial AG (Ashcroft) into a super-popular one, and second, it keeps Rudy in the public eye (think Rudy ’08).

Secretary of State: Condi Rice — I love Condi. She would do a great job at State, bringing to the position something Colin Powell does not have – loyalty to the President. Besides, think Condi ’08.

Treasury Secretary: Steve Forbes – As long as we are going to be talking about reforming the tax code, we might as well have someone at the Treasury Department who has a track record on this issue. I am a huge fan of Forbes’ flat tax.

Defense Secretary: Paul Wolfowitz – I don’t think Rumsfeld is going to resign until an end to minor combat operations in Iraq has been declared. If and when that happens, I hope Wolfowitz gets the job. He’s controversial, but he deserves it.

Not a complete list, but some thoughts …

Fantasy Football Friday: Cathy’s Article

Another great article in the Grand Rapids Press by my sister, Cathy Fazio. The premise is simple – running back success = fantasy football success. I completely agree with Cathy that Deuce McAllister is the biggest RB disappointment, though I have never been high on Deuce. The only other thing that I would add is that Emmitt Smith has got to be one of the biggest RB surprises of the year. No one (except me) expected anything out of him. He has produced solidly. Check out Cathy’s article here:

Good teams anchored by running backs

The Legend of Bono Vox – Books & Culture

I read this article as soon as my Books and Culture magazine came in the mail. It was the first I read. It is a fantastic examination of U2’s Christianity from the perspective of a Cedarville University professor. It examines the book Get Up Off Your Knees, a collection of 26 sermons inspired by U2 lyrics. I can’t wait to read this book, and I am hoping I get it for Christmas. Hint, hint, family members reading this blog.

The Legend of Bono Vox – Books & Culture

Election Analysis 3: The Mandate

Does President Bush have a mandate to govern coming out of this year’s election? Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? But the mainstream media (MSM) has replaced Middle Age scholastic theologians as the kings of stupid questions. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Can God make a rock so big that even he can’t lift it? Does President Bush have a mandate? OK, I’ll take the bait.

Well, yes. Any President who is elected has a mandate to govern. People ultimately vote on the basis of issues, and therefore, the issues that a candidate campaigns on must become a part of the legislative agenda. 2000 proved tricky for the President, since he did not have a plurality of the popular vote, let alone a majority. And yet, he pursued an agenda of his most fundamental issues – No Child Left Behind, tax cuts, faith-based incietives. President Bush now leads with, not just a majority, but the most popular votes a President has ever received. Certainly, the most popular President ever has a mandate. The MSM suggestion that he does not is simply an attempt to undo the will of the people expressed on Tuesday.

What then is the mandated agenda?

1. Winning the Global War on Terrorism – The President’s leadership in wartime has been affirmed. We will stay the course and win the war on all fronts, including Iraq. The Bush Doctrine has been mandated by the American People.

2. Social Security Reform – The President made no bones about the fact that social security needs to be fixed so that it exists for younger workers. He campaigned on this in 2000 but had to table it because it is so controversial. It is no longer tabled.

3. Making Tax Cuts Permament – A great thing that will happen with no problem in the Republican controlled legislature.

4. Judicial Reform – The President made several things about our courts clear during the course of the campaign. First, that lawsuit reform was needed. Second, that America needs judges who interpret – not make – law. Fillibustering the President’s nominees will not fly this term.

5. Tax Code Reform – Get ready for the first serious discussion in our nation’s history about adopting either a flat tax or a national sales tax. What a legacy that would be!

Liberal Democrats and the MSM might not like it, but this is the agenda, and it has been mandated. And America will be better off for it.

The Commercial I Hate Most Right Now

Have you seen this one? The father buys Verizon phones for his two pre-teen daughters. He, along with his wife, gives them to the girls. The spoiled brats don’t even say “thank you,” and they group hug their mom, leaving dad out. I hate that commercial. First, pre-teen girls don’t need their own cell phones. Second, a little gratitude would be appreciated. I complain about it everytime it comes on. Glad I am a Sprint PCS customer!

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