Duck Taping Our Mouths: free speech, Phil Robertson, Jesus, and gay sex

I watch Duck Dynasty. I know that it is painfully scripted, and my kids will have no part of it, but Vanessa and I will often turn it on for a couple of silly laughs. I find Duck Dynasty amusing.

I’m also amused by the people who take Duck Dynasty way too seriously.

You know who they are. They are the ones sporting the Duck Dynasty gear they picked up at Walmart. They are the ones who post on Facebook about how members of the Robertson clan should run for President. And they are the ones freaking out about the latest controversy over Phil’s comments in GQ.   Read More…

Lessons from an Unemployed Bivocational Pastor

On Friday morning, I got an email from the religion editor at the newspaper asking if my column was ready. It had been due by 5:00pm on Thursday. It was on my calendar, but somehow I had totally forgotten.

Vanessa was doing the Boutique Show. We had set up on Thursday, her birthday incidentally. And I had just totally forgotten. When I got the email from my editor, I was sitting in Vanessa’s booth at the show.   Read More…

And Your Little Dog Too

I did a bad thing. Something I would not recommend. If one of my friends had done this, I would shake my head and laugh at his stupidity. The kind of thing that I use as a sermon illustration of foolishness. The kind of thing that makes Don Draper a clueless clod.

I got a new puppy for my family. Without really consulting my wife.


Vanessa and I are not prone to making individual decisions. We talk through everything. We operate via consensus in our marriage. We are truly egalitarian.

Read More…

Don’t Be Scared. It’s Only Halloween.

I had some weird restrictions when I was growing up. I wasn’t allowed to watch Sesame Street, for instance, because it featured monsters. In fact, I couldn’t watch many popular shows – Growing Pains (stay-at-home dad who was also a psychologist), My Two Dads (obviously about a gay couple), and Alf (you don’t want to know).

And so, as strange as it may seem, even though I grew up fundamentalist with some silly restrictions, I was always allowed to celebrate Halloween.   Read More…

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