In Praise of Fall

Here is a copy of my column from Saturday’s Northwest Arkansas Times.

Seasons are really one of the most amazing aspects of human existence. Every few months, the world goes through a recalibration that impacts just about everything. Life is constantly on the move, ever changing. And all of creation joins in the seasonal march.   Read More…

Maybe I Am the Tiki

For me, the most memorable episodes of The Brady Bunch were the ones in which they took a family vacation to Hawaii. And the most memorable part of those episodes was the tiki necklace that got passed around.

Bobby first found the tiki necklace and shows it to his brothers. They are told that according to an ancient Hawaiian legend, whoever touches the necklace will experience bad luck. They laugh it off and wear the necklace anyway.   Read More…

$#!+ My Therapist Says

Trigger warning: this post contains words that some people may find offensive or inappropriate.


Several weeks ago, Vanessa and I started seeing a therapist. We are not in couples counseling. We are a couple in counseling. Sometimes we talk about our marriage. Often we talk about our anxieties. We talk about our growing up years. We talk about things like work and what we did over the past week.   Read More…

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