$#!+ My Therapist Says

Trigger warning: this post contains words that some people may find offensive or inappropriate.


Several weeks ago, Vanessa and I started seeing a therapist. We are not in couples counseling. We are a couple in counseling. Sometimes we talk about our marriage. Often we talk about our anxieties. We talk about our growing up years. We talk about things like work and what we did over the past week.   Read More…

My Sunday Visit to a Fundamentalist Church

I am halfway through my two-month pastoral sabbatical, and people keep asking me how it is going and what I have learned. The answers I keep giving are that it is going well and that I don’t know what I have learned yet. I miss seeing my friends on Sunday mornings, but it would be inaccurate to say that I have missed all that I used to do on Sunday mornings. Maybe that will come in a few weeks. Maybe not. We shall see.

When I began the pastoral sabbatical, I decided to take July off from church altogether and to use Sundays in August to visit other churches. The purpose of these other visits is not necessarily to hunt for new ideas or to scope out the competition. Instead, I’ve simply been curious about some churches in the area. I am visiting them to  satisfy my curiosity. Since I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do so, I figured this August, during my sabbatical, would be as good a time as any.   Read More…

Hi. I’m Robb. And I May Have Had a Nervous Breakdown.

About ten days ago, I just about had a nervous breakdown.

I’ve written before that I’ve suffered through a few panic attacks in my life. It’s a not a fun experience. I’ve been able to reduce a lot of the anxiety that led to those panic attacks by eliminating most caffeine from my diet. I now drink a lot less coffee, and most of the coffee I do drink now is either half-caf or decaf.

But what I experienced on that Friday morning had nothing to do with how much coffee I drank. “Nervous breakdown” are about the best words I can use to describe it.   Read More…

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