Phyllis Tickle: Our Fairy Godmother

On Sunday, we hosted noted author and speaker Phyllis Tickle at Vintage Fellowship. I’ve read Phyllis’ books and Vanessa and I heard her speak back in January. We knew that our community was in for a treat.

For a long time I’ve lovingly referred to Phyllis as two things: one of our patron saints and our fairy godmother.  

Most people at Vintage have come from other church traditions. They have experience in denominations. What most of us don’t have is experience in a new ecclesiastical movement. And so, I asked Phyllis to talk about the movement that she calls Emergence Christianity and by so doing, to put Vintage Fellowship in historical and cultural context.

When the fairy godmother showed up for Cinderella, she presented Cinderella in a way that made her external appearance consistent with her internal character. And it transformed her into a confident, beautiful, attractive princess-to-be.

My hope was that Phyllis’ talks would transform our community by infusing us  with a sense of confidence because we are a small part of something big. If the benediction Jamal wrote and shared is representative of the experience Vintage folks had on Sunday, I think it was mission accomplished.


A Benediction:

We’ve felt the ground shift under us, and we’ve doubted.

In the midst of these seismic tremors, we wondered if church could still serve as refuge for our tattered souls and felt we were utterly alone.

Thank you, Lord, that you are always relevant. You are stronger than our brittle, man-made doctrines, more powerful than our fears.

Thank you for Vintage, for our fairy godmother Phyllis Tickle, for reminding us that we are not alone.

We are part of a global shift – a movement – and we are moving.

And alongside us is our God and his confounding love.



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