• Dr. Mike

    Are you serious? He is in fact a social liberal. http://www.michaelsavage.com

  • Hey Kool Aid

    Dr. Mike you are correct. Social issues as gay marriage, abortion rights and gun control are indeed liberal social issues. They are the farthest thing from a social conservative. Duhhh

  • Guys … the battleground for the social issues you care about is the courts. Abortion, gay marriage, God in the pledge, etc have all been imposed by activist judges.

    Therefore, you need a President who has the conviction and resolve to only appoint strict constructionists to the bench. A President’s ability to do that is moe important than his or her personal stance on any given issue.

    Rudy has committed himself to only appoint strict constructionists to the bench. Therefore, he will advance the cause of social conservatism.

  • Savage Nation

    Sounds like a true politician supports a social liberal stance and then says he will only appoint social conservative judges. Talking out both sides of his ass. I would be so proud to support someone like that. He must think we all are mental midgets. Well not all are fooled..

  • Dr. Dobson

    Three marriages, supports abortion, supports homosexual marriage, supports gun control,sounds like a social liberal to me. Sounds like his priorities are on the family.

  • You may disagree with my conclusion, but this is a valid premise for supporting Rudy.

    The vitriol, we can do without.

  • Rick Warren

    Vitroil is good stuff. I recommend it mixed with a little vingager on a salad.