Thoughts about the Second Commandment

This year at Vintage, we are exploring the book of Exodus. At the beginning of the year, we went through the narrative of the book, looking at the big ideas and themes. Now, we have double-backed and are taking some time to think about the Ten Commandments (podcast link, if you’d like to listen in).  

moses460For many of us, the Ten Commandments have a negative connotation. We associate them with the kind of culture wars that make political extremists out of us all. Or, we associate them with feelings of guilt and limitation. Or, we associate them with pointless arguments about biblical interpretation.

My goal in this series is to paint the Ten Commandments in a positive light, to show how they are an invitation to live the life that God intends for us. They are good news. They are the gospel.

This is a sermon series that has captured my imagination.

And apparently my wife Vanessa’s also. She blogged some thoughts about the second commandment, about not making idols. Here’s a snippet:

Don’t make something that claims to encapsulate God or limit what God can do or be.  Robb postured a theory that maybe that part of us that rebels a little bit at the thought of being told “this is how you are, you can’t really be something else”  is actually reflective of being made in God’s image. Maybe God doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed, stereo-typed and made predictable either. That idea has intrigued me ever since.  To assume that God will act in a certain way, that God will hate or love, that God must or won’t…we confine him to an image. The image in our own heads. And while we didn’t go to the trouble of painting Jesus on an actual canvas depicted as a white, middle class American who finds a number of people and groups really distasteful, I know that I had a fairly detailed graven image of God in my head for many years.  Sadly, this image loses it’s “punch” after a while.  It lacks teeth. Stickiness. Value. Worse, for the time that I maintain that image, I miss the chance to see God in unexpected places.

Read the rest of her great post here.


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